Kevin Maguire

Executive Vice President
Kevin Maguire

Kevin Maguire has joined the company as Executive Vice President and as the head of its new interior, infrastructure restoration division. Maguire has many years of experience in construction and construction management, most recently in senior roles with one of Ontario’s largest restoration contractors.

Prior to embarking on his successful career in construction management, Maguire developed key team building and leadership skills over a 9 year professional hockey career where he racked up 782 penalty minutes with the Toronto Maple Leafs, Buffalo Sabres and Philadelphia Flyers. Following his NHL career Maguire returned to the NHL spotlight as Referee. Currently, Maguire is active in a number of Toronto community organizations including the Toronto Maple Leaf Alumni Association. Maguire will assume a leadership role in all areas of the Brook Restoration Business.


  • Work effectively, manage people. Delegating work and holding individuals accountable.
  • Set goals, evaluate performance, and encourage collaboration. Has clear vision and show employees how their contributions can support the company.
  • Negotiating effectively with clients, architects, engineers, building managers, bank representatives, and Insurance companies.
  • Understand internal operations and build systems that allow Brook to scale the company as it grows
  • Predict potential problems in advance and create solutions and appropriate schedule for different projects and scope of work.