Reporting - Case study

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Increasing compliance and efficiency with automated mobile business processes


As the financial controller of a busy restoration company, Brook Restoration needed an efficient solution to manage the safety documentation at Brook Restoration’s numerous job sites. Frustrated with manual processes and the increasing amounts of paperwork necessary to meet ministry regulations, Brook wanted a tool that would allow foremen, management and other employees to quickly sign off on and access documents wherever and whenever they needed them.


Rogers enlisted the help of solution partner GroveWare Technologies, specialists in automating and mobilizing business processes, to improve Brook’s documentation and compliance processes, based on their unique reporting needs.

GroveWare worked with Brook to create a customized mobile solution for foremen in the field to replace paper based timecards, inspections, and jobsite checklists and reports. Integrated with their back-end systems for time and attendance, foremen collect and submit employees' time electronically on the field with their tablets, and project managers are notified and can review instantaneously.

Jobsite inspections, health and safety reports and various checklists are also available electronically on the tablet application for foreman. The automated process has eliminated the manual entry of employee time into payroll systems and has, more importantly, improved the accuracy of data collection on the field and the transfer of that knowledge back to the office with real-time reporting.

Each inspection, timecard and checklist is date/time and user stamped creating a complete audit trail of jobsite activity that supports the health, safety and compliance initiatives at Brook Restoration, which are at the forefront of the industry.


  • Convenience. Through the use of wireless tablets, forms are easily completed anywhere, on any job site.
  • Increased efficiency. Staff no longer waste time manually sifting through paperwork to locate and organize compliance documentation.
  • Transparency. Foremen and site managers are able to quickly assess their site crews’ compliance with ministry regulations


Brook Restoration specializes in building restoration all over Ontario.


There is sense of relief in knowing that our safety information is up to date and accessible anytime we need it. Moving to an electronic form solution has provided us with peace of mind in the event that we need to prove our compliance for the ministry. Brook Restoration